Wesley van der Hoop

My name is Wesley. That’s me, in that picture above.


I am an ordinary 28 29 year-old guy from the Netherlands.

My favourite beverages are milk, tea and Guinness. In no particular order.

In daily life I work as an online marketing consultant, during the night and in the weekends I write – a lot. I will post a brand new article, every weekend.

In this blog, I listed my dreams – both beautiful and plain evil. I will document how experiences are, what a certain trip costed me, how long it took me to gain a certain skill. Like to do something on the list yourself one day? I will give you all the insights I have gained, so you can do it even better than me.



About the writer himself

I am a dreamer, I always was. Sometimes this used to make it hard to communicate with me. My body could be sitting next to yours, but I was simply not there. My mind was wandering to other places. Naturally, this made me quite an introvert person as a kid.

When growing up, I became extremely driven to get more out of life and to become a better person in general – day in, day out. I soon learned that introvert personalities get substantially less out of life, than the more dominant extrovert personalities.

Although I still do not wish to become the dominant extrovert person in all social settings, I figured it would be good to become more confident and outspoken.

And so I did, over the last five years I found a way to gain a tremendous amount of confidence and I became more outspoken. Along the process, I became to dislike risk-avoiding behaviour and started to become more impulsive.

I discovered life is more fun when new experiences lie around every corner.

And they dó lie around every corner. You just have to recognize and seize them.



Connect with me

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