Learning how to juggle

#30 Learn juggling

  I can recommend juggling to everyone. It is super-healthy. I started practising with oranges. Needless to say, the fruits were all over the room, when I just started out – and sometimes, they still are.   Struggling with juggling One time I was watching a Youtube tutorial on my laptop, which was located on […]

Speak at a university

#12 Speak at a University

I used to fear public speaking, more than dead. Seriously. I used to get physically ill, when I heard the word ‘presentation’ and I was afraid for something small like introducing myself in front of a small group. I took a presentation course which was way too expensive, and I read every self-help book on […]

Make a painting

#13 Make a painting

As a kid, I loved paint by numbers. This is where my painting skills end, I am afraid. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a painting on the wall, you made yourself? I don’t want to take a course or anything, I just want to put my expressions on a blank canvas. Let’s see how […]