Learning how to juggle
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I can recommend juggling to everyone. It is super-healthy.

I started practising with oranges. Needless to say, the fruits were all over the room, when I just started out – and sometimes, they still are.


Struggling with juggling

One time I was watching a Youtube tutorial on my laptop, which was located on what I thought was a safe distance. Watching the tutorial while practising, I hit my laptop with one of the oranges. It bounced right off the keyboard.

I remember another time I actually threw one of those orange fuckers into my own eye. It is very frustrating.

After letting them fall on the floor many times, some of the juicy oranges splat open. After that, I had no other option than to squeeze them into juice. I don’t remember any other occasion in which I got to drink so much fresh orange juice in one day.

It was a struggle. Delicious vitamins everywhere.


The video. Don’t forget to watch the bloopers at the end.



How long does it take to learn how to juggle?

As you might have noticed by now, I didn’t seem particularly gifted, when it comes to learning how to juggle. According to several online tutorials, it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to master juggling with three projectiles.

In total it must have taken me an hour to learn ‘the flash’ (throw throw throw catch). It took me at least two hours in total before I somewhat mastered the whole thing.


It was worth it though. You should have seen the smile on the face of my one year old nephew, when I first showed him my newly gained skills.

I know he is at that stage in which he pretty much laughs about anything (except when you hold him upside down for fun. I am truly sorry for that, Tyson).

Nonetheless, I like to believe this particular smile was because of his appreciation of my awesome juggling skills.

It made my day.


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