Travelling through Indonesia
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Tourists and Travellers.

There used to be a time I thought these two words meant exactly the same.

I couldn’t be more wrong.

I found a number major differences, every week I will discuss one of them.


#1 Tourists consume, Travellers adapt


tourists consume travellers adapt


Where travelers try to experience a different culture, tourists are just watching it as it passes by.

While doing that, the typical tourist will compare every detail of this strange way of living, to their own – more superior – way of living. A true tourist will often stick to their own food, habits and luxury, instead of adapting themselves to local standards.

The typical tourist gets frustrated when his/her high standards of living are not met during their travels.

Some examples may include:

‘The taxi drivers do not even know the way!’

‘The waiters are not even speaking proper English!’

‘The food sold on the streets is not safe!’

And so on.

Travelers on the other hand, instead of comparing, try to understand this different way of living by actively seeking ways to participate.

A typical traveler is, for example, eager to try out the complete local cuisine and tries to learn local words to enable better communication. The true traveler tries to adjust himself to the local way of life, as much as possible.


This leads to a deeper cultural learning experience.


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