Me in Pangkor, Malaysia
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I dó believe religion has an overall positive impact on society. Religion gives Millions of people in this world the support they desperately need.

It just isn’t ít for me.

For one, because I need rational justification for something to believe in. In my opinion it is more likely that Man created god, than God created Man. Religion comes from within, there is a reason why it is often described as a feeling – it doesn’t have much to do with rationality.

For two, religion doesn’t fit with the lifestyle I wish to live. The guidelines of various religions to live by for instance, are mostly focused on afterlife, and do not help mé to get the maximum out of thís life. 


This is why I made my decision that life itself is my church.

I attend to it every day and try to make the best of it. I am thankful for every day I wake up and do my best to develop myself as a person – day in, day out.

I will try to help everything that lives, when in need: human ánd animal. In the end we are all just trying to make a living on this planet. I will try to share, when I can spare some.

I make my own guidelines. These guidelines will change over time, since I will always be looking for a better way of living. I will always be looking for a richer life, which surprisingly, does not have much to do with how much money you own.

I will settle out my own path, I will be my own guide. I will form my own opinion, by reading books and listening to others. I will listen to other people before I judge. I will respect other people’s choices. I will not take the information presented to me for granted, neither the information written in the (holy) books, nor information from the media.

I ám my own religion.

Believing in yourself is the most important thing there is in life.

Do not get me wrong, I do not see myself as a god, nor a prophet. Because I do not care who follows me in this lifestyle, and who doesn’t. This is the lifestyle which suits me. How other people choose to live, that is none of my business.

I choose my own path.

I will celebrate life every day, until the day has come the doors of my church close for eternity.



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