Randomize your life
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  • The very core of the human spirit is driven by new experiences.
  • Doing the thing you have always done, will eventually kill this spirit. Which might lead to depression or worse.
  • Randomizing life, might keep this spirit alive.


— Read more to find out how to randomize your life —



When I was a child, I was having an absolute blast.

I am sure you will agree, if I say that almost every day as a child was full of adventures. It were days full of excitement and new learnings. Yet, no matter how tired we were, we didn’t want to go to bed until the very last drop of energy was fully used.

The boundaries our parents set for us – most likely for our own safety – were constantly being pushed. We were always on the look out to discover more. We were always looking for opportunities to get more experiences than we were allowed to.

This is how I personally lost the fingerprint of my right index finger. I hold my finger into the fire for too long, because the fire was so beautiful – and I felt the urge to touch it.

In exception for the necessary accidents caused by trial-and-error learnings: one of the main reasons why our days as kids were so exciting, was because everything we did was new.

Living in a world (including the miracles of the Galaxy) where there is so much to discover, one would think there would be enough excitement around us for a lifetime.

Yet, that flame inside, that urge to explore, seems to be fading out at quite a young age.

I strongly believe this has everything to do with the way we perceive time.



Is time still on our side?

Living in a three-dimensional world, we are terribly obsessed with the fourth dimension: time. Where height, length and width can be seen with the naked eye, it is time we cannot get a grip on. It frustrates – as well as inspires – generation after generation.

Time is equal to everybody. The rich have it, the poor have it. It cannot be slowed down and its path is unpredictable to everybody. Time might be the only real thing we own, and yet it cannot be traded. So what to do with it?

People sure seem to be afraid to run out of the hours they have, so best spend those hours as efficient as possible – one might think.

And yet, this is exactly the kind of thinking that will kill that flame we had inside us as kids.



Modern day horror: Routine everywhere

Spending time efficiently is absolutely the most stupid thing one can do.

Efficiency is always focused on the quantity of time, and not at all on the only one thing that really matters in life: the quality of the time spend.

While growing up, most people stop being impulsive (maybe even spontaneous?), and start creating more and more routines – with the goal to spend the time we have as efficient as possible. For most people in Western society, everything has to be planned.

There seems to be little room for impulsive behaviour and spontaneity, because it breaks the routine people so carefully build up.

These kind of routines are nothing more than the dull opposite of adventure. It makes one live like a machine. It slowly kills the flame we had inside us as kids.



Randomize your life

The solution of this problem is quite simple: spend less time on the things you always do, spend more time on the things you have never done before. And do it spontaniously.

Learn from children: they are terribly good in this!

  • Push your boundaries
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Do new things all the time
  • Make new friends everywhere you go

Kids do not give a rats ass what others think of them, they just do whatever pops up in their impenetrable minds: and maybe that attitude is not so bad after all. It keeps us alive.


Just to be clear: I am not telling you to put your index finger into the fire. Give things a bit of a thought. Not too much though. The most exciting things in life are the things you thought you couldn’t do.


New experiences are incredibly important for us.

Our appetite for life is depending on it. The very core of the human spirit is driven by these new experiences. 

Whether you are at work, in a relationship or just enjoying your spare time: you either break the routines, or you will eventually break the spirit.

And when the spirit is broken, there is no intrinsic motivation anymore to continue your job, your relationship, and eventually life in general.


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